Selected Publications

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  5. Jbara M, Guttmann-Raviv N. Maity SK. Ayoub N* and Brik A*. Total Chemical Synthesis of Methylated Analogues of Histone 3 Revealed KDM4D as a Potential Regulator of H3K79me3. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, April, 2017. * Equal corresponding authors. PubMed
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    Awarded the Jacob’s prize for the excellent published paper.
  14. Kupershmit I, Khoury-Haddad H, Awwad SW, Guttmann-Raviv N, Ayoub N. KDM4C (GASC1) lysine demethylase is associated with mitotic chromatin and regulates chromosome segregation during mitosis. Nucleic Acids Res 42, 6168-6182 (2014). PubMed
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