Welcome to The Ayoub Lab!

Each cell in our body could experience tens of thousands of DNA lesions per day. Fortunately, cells have evolved a sophisticated network of cellular mechanisms, termed the DNA damage response (DDR), to detect DNA lesions and facilitate their repair. Defective DDR could lead to accumulation of mutations and genomic instabilities that contribute to premature aging, developmental disorders, neurodegenerative disease and cancer.

Our lab is interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying the repair of DNA damage. We specifically focus on identifying new DNA repair proteins, characterizing their roles in DNA damage repair and cancer development. Our goal is to translate our discoveries into diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to combat human cancers and other disorders.

Research Topics

DNA damage response; Double-strand break repair; Genomic instability; Carcinogenesis; Targeted cancer therapy; CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing.